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Welcome To Project Manager Resume

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My name is Justin

and I’m a project manager by trade. While helping companies hire I’ve discovered that almost every resume submitted is difficult to read, dosen’t relay the right information and dosen’t inspire the reader. Sadly these resumes never get a second look. I’ve put this resource together based on my extensive experience as both a project manager, contractor and project recruiter.

Take a look around and discover how to create the ultimate project manager resume!

Create The Perfect Project Manager Resume

The growth in project management, and the shaky economy have created a very competitive job environment.

Recruiters can see over 200+ resumes for one job, would your current cut through this noise?

Here is four quick things you check in your current resume:

Are you using the “standard” templates provided in “word processing packages”? Avoid this they are just to common and cliche

Are you putting your most compelling career achievements on the front page? Don’t hide them in each role section

Are you using big numbers in your project examples? Use big numbers they are impressive

Still listing your referees from the front page? Don’t bother no one cares, you don’t even have an offer yet!

That’s just the beginning, checkout my PM resume template ro take a look at the resume tips and tricks.

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