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Perfect PM Resume Tool Kit

Now You Can Have The Perfect Project Managers Resume

Most of the resume templates on the net have been there for a long time. What’s worse is recruiters see these tired old templates day in day out.

Before you submit your current resume check these things:
•    Does it use a splash of colour in strategic locations?
•    Does it make use of keyword optimisation?
•    Does it use powerful “Value Statements”?

If the answer is no, THEN DONT SUBMIT IT because you’re missing some of the KEY components of a successful resume!

You want to update your resume quickly so don’t waste anymore time using a resume template that’s boring and irrelevant!

Beat the competition and surprise a recruiter with a modern current project managers resume created by a current professional project manager!
To help you modernise your resume and start applying as fast as possible I’ve created “The Perfect PM Resume Tool Kit“!

The kit consists of the following project manager resume tools:

My 2010 Project Management Resume - This is my personal resume, the same resume I have used to get 6 figure PM roles. If you’re stuck on what to write in your resume, this will be invaluable.

Specially Designed Project Manager Resume Template - This is a fully editable Microsoft Word template version of my EXACT resume. Cut down the time in preparing your own resume and stop fiddling with word formatting issues.

Training videos - I’ve walked through each section of the template and explained “how to layout your content” you’ll save time and eliminate guess work.

Project Manager Resume Tip’s eBook – Get your resume straight to the top of interview pile with recruiter’s insider secrets.

The “Perfect PM Resume Tool Kit” is priced at a low $9.95. The best bit is you can download this tool kit directly to your computer right here and right now!
Just click the PayPal button below to get started.

Buy now for $9.95 securely through paydotcom and PayPal

Do you really want to submit a resume that’s just the same as everyone else? Don’t waste that all important “first impression” with an old out dated resume.
Why not download the perfect project manager resume it’s your secret weapon!

Now You Can Have The Perfect Project Managers Resume


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