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Project Manager Resume Example 4 Hot Example Power Words And How To Use Them

Recruiters work simular to internet search engines. When you apply for a project management job the recruiter searches for key words in your project manager resume. If you’re not using these “power words” you’re missing what the recruiter is looking for so you you’ll never feature in their search results!

Are You Using These Hot Power Words?

Time – Time is how most projects are measured. Give examples of how you met project end dates or overcome the challenge of time based milestones. To build the perfect project manger resume you need to show how you mastered time!

Budget – Everyone is budget conscious. Most of the time projects are setup to either make a company more money, or save money. Your resume needs to give examples of how your projects cut operating expenses, or increased profits.

Scope – Every project experiences phenomena called scope creep. This is where “activities” get added to your project whether you like it or not. It’s just the life of a project. To create the perfect project manager resume you need to explain how well you handled changes to the scope.

Quality – It’s one thing to deliver a project on time and on budget however was the outcome any good? Sadly, quality is often overlooked as measure when delivering projects in high pressure environments. Demonstrate to a recruiter how quality is important to you.

Use these power words to attract the recruiter’s eye, make it obvious they need to call you to find out more information.

As a Project Manager I know how rewarding a career in Project Management can be. I also know how hard it is too keep your resume up to date.

Let me help you apply for Project Manager jobs faster with perfect project manger resume where else can you get resume templates and recommendations from a fully qualified project manager?

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