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Why the Project manager resume objective Statement is Redundant

The Objective Statement is Redundant

With the pure amount of project managers shopping for jobs I would argue that writing a project manager resume objective statement at the start of your resume is a pointless exercise and a waste of precious page on one space.

Why? Because I believe that recruiters, employers and HR personal already know your objective! It’s simply to get the advertised job!

But my objective is much more than that

If you’re just entering the project management space for the first time it’s clear your objective is to get project management experience thus, your objective is to get the job.

If you’re a project management veteran it’s clear your objective is to get a larger more exciting and more fulfilling project, thus your objective is to get the job.

If you’re simply looking to earn more money then, yep you guessed it; your objective is to get the job.

In fact, for any scenario that’s caused you to apply for a project manager’s job I’d argue your objective is simple – it’s to get the job. Based on that rational I don’t believe that an objective should be stated in your resume it’s just taking up valuable resume space.

Single Purpose

Your resumes aim is to do one thing, convince people your worth an interview.

The single purpose of your resume should be to communicate to the employer that you’re the best choice for the job based on your previous experience and skills, not because it’s your personal objective to develop your skills and grow into an effective leader.

Sorry, but no one cares

Honestly recruiters and employers don’t care about your personal mission in life. The reason a new project management job is posted is because someone wants a project managed or has a problem that needs fixing. It’s just a fantasy to think that companies want to help you reach your objective, they don’t, they just want you to solve their problem.

Ok, I admit, there are some cases where a company does actually care about your career, however, be under no illusion, they only care so they can grow you to fix their problems more effectively!What to do with the spare space

If I have convinced you to drop the project manager resume objective statement you should aim to make use of the space you’ve liberated. This is a perfect place to clearly list your biggest career achievements instead.

Career Achievements

It’s much more important to list out ten to fifteen career defining objectives than it is to state some objective that’s going to get glossed over.

A sentence like “successfully managed a $3M software rollout project resulting in a $5M in operational savings” is a much better way to introduce yourself don’t you think?

Check out my article “A description of the exact project managers resume I use“  for ideas!



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